The Application

Our application process is simple. Before we show a property we require the attached application to be completed and submitted to us. The key points on the application that we review are occupation and salary. We want to make sure our tenants are gainfully employed and can afford to pay the rent. We do not submit the application to any of the available credit rating services. Also, there is no application fee.

Pet Policy

Single Family Homes - Dogs under the age of two are ineligible. Usually dogs over two years of age are okay. No Pit Bulls! Cats are normally okay.

Apartments - No pets.


Security deposit amount varies. It is refundable as described in the lease agreement.
Pet deposits vary based on animal type.


Our lease period varies. Many tenants prefer a two year lease which freezes the rent for that time period.

Rental Application
(No Fee)

A value is required.

A value is required.

A value is required.

A value is required.

A value is required.

A value is required.

Have you ever been arrested for a crime? Please make a selection.

If yes, please provide details - We will run a criminal history report.

Have you ever been evicted, broken a lease agreement, or had any lawsuits or collections filed against you?

Please make a selection.

If yes, explain.

Do you have a pet? Yes No Breed of animal: Age of animal:
How did you hear about this property?
The purpose of this application is to confirm viable employment. Previous credit problems won't necessarilly disqualify gainfully employed individuals with good character.
If more than one adult roomate is involved, please have each roomate complete application.